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Welcome Jordan Brooks to the Hyperbridge team

Jordan Brooks, a blockchain smart contract developer at Hyperbridge

We are very lucky to announce that Jordan Brooks has joined our team via the UBC co-op program.

Jordan is joining the developer team primarily to develop in solidity and write smart contracts for Blockhub, our digital distribution platform, but with such a diverse background and quick intellect has already made a wide-ranging contribution to our developing vision.

Jordan’s programming path began as a hobby as he learned to build small video-games with Ruby.

After graduating with a Master’s degree in Biology in 2015, Jordan applied to the BCS second-degree program at UBC and will be graduating in December 2018.

On choosing to work for Hyperbridge:

“I became a developer because I wanted to work with emerging technologies that could have a positive impact on the world, and Hyperbridge has given me the opportunity to do exactly that. Blockchain is a technology with huge potential; I’m looking forward to being involved with it at such an early stage and making my contributions to the Hyperbridge vision.”

Growing up in a military family, Jordan was born in Kamloops, BC, but frequently moved all over Canada, and has now settled in Vancouver to finish his studies and launch his career in tech.

As athletic as intellectual, Jordan played 5 seasons on the varsity team at Queen’s University, and then 3 seasons semi-professionally in the Canadian Soccer League.

When not coding Jordan like to game, comics, and defers all his major decisions to his cat, Loki.

We are excited to have Jordan join us in our mission to build a better economy.