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Sold $440269 USD 8004895 HBX
Supply 350000000 HBX
Hard Cap $18500000 USD
Soft Cap $400000 USD
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What is HBX?
Built by Hyperbridge, HBX tokens are used to fuel the decentralized protocols underlying BlockHub. BlockHub is the first economy built on these protocols, designed to let players and game developers productively interact in mutually beneficial ways. HBX tokens can be purchased or received by:

  • Selling game items
  • Curating game information in the store
  • Bug reporting
  • Game promotion
  • Product testing
  • Polls/Questionnaires

What can HBX be used for?
  • Contribute to crowdfund projects
  • Purchase products within the store
  • Vote for the direct of game development (staking)
  • Receive 10% discount on all transactions

For the game developers, when accepting HBX you will receive a number of benefits, including reduced fees by 50%. To learn more, please see the whitepaper.

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Good ideas should be given the opportunity to thrive. If you have ideas, you are a creator. Hyperbridge is building protocols on the best blockchains. These protocols will support product & digital asset marketplaces, licensing and secure crowdfunding. These tools will enable creators to bring their projects to life. It's Steam meet Kickstarter with blockchain superpowers.


Groundwork for our platform

Past Milestone - Prelude (Initial structure)


Formation of Business Entity


Business Level 1


Website v1


Current Milestone - Liberty (Release Platform 1.0)


Business Level 2


Business Partnerships
Funding Protocol v1


Marketplace Protocol v1




Node Operator v1


Telegram Bot


Future Milestone - Voyager (Growth)


Future Milestone - Fusion (Standardization)


Future Milestone - Harmony (Mainstream interopability)



The People Behind Hyperbridge

We're a close team of innovators, designers & developers



The HBX token will initially launch on the Ethereum network as an ERC-20 compatible token. The token will be to utilize our protocols and the BlockHub platform (operating fees, membership, etc). In the future, HBX will be implemented on other blockchains, at which time they will become convertable. Tokens will be burned during conversion, so as to maintain the token supply (1 billion).


It can be used across multiple jurisdictions, retaining a single method of payment.

Using a blockchain/smart contract based token enables the perfect crowdfunding platform, where tranches are released when agreed milestones have been reached.

It makes it possible for developers to manage incentives in a way that drives ecosystem effects for the benefit of all participants in BlockHub.


Public Token Sale

Hyperbridge will launch the platform on November 10th 2018, during which 30% of the available 1,000,000,000 HBX will be purchaseable over a month. Any unsold tokens will be distributed evenly to token holders. An additional 10% will be available in the platform to support future demand, and the remaining 10% will be sold in 2019 and 2020.

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Public Token Sale is open.

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Available at $0.055 USD

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More about the event

Verified KYC users will be able to exchange ETH for HBX at the price of $0.055 USD. Proceeds from the Token Public Sale will be used to support the building of the network, marketing, business development, operations and R&D for Hyperbridge. Any tokens unsold in this event will be available in the persistent token sale.

Best Practices for Participating

During our public token sale, follow the guidelines to protect yourself from scams.

  • Make sure you avoid mirror site scams by only trusting the & domain.
  • Only send ETH to the wallet address listed in the desktop app.
  • Do not send ETH from an exchange, only from a wallet.
  • For security purposes use a tool like EtherAddressLookup to ensure you have the correct smart contract wallet address.

BlockHub by Hyperbridge

Introducing BlockHub, an adaptive digital platform for next-gen content deployment we are building. It will be the first economy powered by Hyperbridge protocols.

Decentralized technologies are well-suited to replace conventional business processes, but there are a lack of go-to-market solutions that allow producers to extract value and security from the blockchain.

Pathway to publishing

A toolkit of Protocols and SDKs that allow conversion of assets to the blockchain, enable crypto payments, and deployment of apps.

Business tools

Developers can manage licenses, track sales, and gain insights from usage and performance data.


Once projects are published, developers will have their products available to download by users who will have the option to use a variety of cryptocurrencies.

In partnership with

  • Skyward Arts
  • MouJu Games



Questions and Answers

Founded in 2017, Hyperbridge Technology is a software development firm based out of Estonia. We were formed to solve some of the biggest challenges in blockchain, IoT, and AI. Our mission is to bring great easy-to-use solutions to our users. Long term we seek to take the Internet to the next stage with our decentralized protocols and products, leading to the creation of industry specific micro-economies. The first will focus on the gaming industry, facilitated through BlockHub, our protocol-driven platform, designed to unite producers and consumers.

The token sale will take place after our platform launches, November 10th, 2018.

The softcap is $400K USD equivalent of ETH. The hardcap is $18.5MM USD equivalent of ETH. If we don't hit our hardcap, the remaining will be airdropped to participants.

30% of total supply will be sold for $0.055 USD (equivalent of ETH at the price prior to PTS start). Private accredited investors will have the option of purchasing 5% of total supply at $0.04 USD.

30% will be sold in public token sale (300 million HBX). 5% will be sold privately, 10% sold within the platform, and 10% sold in 2019 + 2020.

There is no minimum purchase amount. We will only be accepting Ethereum.

Sign up using - Later there will be more specific details emailed to subscribers.

Yes, there will be a few waves of airdrops. Please stay tuned for details.

Yes, there will a bounty campaign soon. Please stay tuned for details.

The original Hyperbridge idea has lived in minds of the founders for years, but development on the project began in September of 2017. The Hyperbridge team is a broad array of talents that span blockchain, gaming, finance, and marketing.

Hyperbridge is very much like a traditional digital distribution platform, only more fair, with lower fees, and a better suite of tools for developers to deploy blockchain enabled apps. Hyperbridge extracts fees for platform services, and then resells the tokens it collects.

Following its successful PTS, Hyperbridge will expand its team and offices in Estonia, list on exchanges, entice partner developers and users, and expand new micro-economies.

Moeju Games and Skyward Arts.

We're accepting accredited investors in the presale round. Please contact us by email:

The presale is LIVE! We are accepting contribution at the discounted rate until we hit our private sale cap of $2 million USD

Is Hyperbridge fulfilling all regulatory requirements and legal boundaries. Is there countries for which investor access is restricted?

Hyperbridge is fulfilling all regularity and purchase of tokens is not for speculative purposes. In order to accomodate accredited investors from US and Europe, they will be allowed to purchase tokens in the private sale via a SAFT. Non-accredited users will be able to purchase tokens for use within the platform upon the platform launch.

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