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Welcome Alexandra Moxin to the Hyperbridge team

Alexandra Moxin, an advisor at Hyperbridge

We are very pleased to announce our newest addition to the Hyperbridge advisory team, Alexandra Moxin, CEO and Founder of the Cartera Group of Companies parent company to a digital services company and Cnecct the distributed social networking platform currently operating in stealth mode.

Additionally, Alexandra is Founder and CEO of Advance Tech Media and Hosts the Advance Tech Podcast showcasing an impressive array of innovators and technology experts who are defining the technology of tomorrow. Alexandra is dedicated to advancing the research and responsible application of bleeding edge technology and in just one year has grown a global audience base to over 250,000 listens.

Alexandra has over a decade of experience managing software projects and brings an understanding of how event based system implementations impact organisations. She is well versed in Digital Transformation and is a student of the patterns in DDD/CQRS/ES and how they apply to Conway’s Law.

Alexandra has led and mentored development, design and quality assurance teams and directly managed multimillion dollar projects and initiatives in ecommerce, digital media, fintech, business intelligence and analytics, education, defence and security, telecommunication, healthcare and environmental markets. Alexandra has worked with national and international organizations and creative/digital agencies.

Alexandra is a featured Speaker and Educator with the BC Blockchain Forum and is developing her experience in the field of Artificial Intelligence and machine learning. Alexandra has given talks at conferences and for private groups both nationally and internationally. She is a strong proponent of free and open source initiatives and communities.

Why did you join Hyperbridge as an advisor?

I was impressed by Hyperbridge from the very beginning. They have a level of professionalism and pragmatism not often seen by newer players in the space.

What is your opinion on the space at the moment? What does it need?

Applications are moving to a distributed format and from enterprise to the individual (or independent) level. What’s needed are applications that solve or address real world problems and which reach and appeal to a critical mass of independent users.

With a breadth of experience and a perspective very much in line with that of Hyperbridge, Alexandra is a very welcome addition to the team, and will primarily be assisting with the development of our long-range business development and growth strategy.

Give her a warm welcome!