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Public Token Sale Update

Hyperbridge PTS (Public Token Sale) update

Dear Hyperbridge Community,

Thank you everyone for your continued interest in Hyperbridge. There’s been some exciting developments here at Hyperbridge we are eager to share with you. These developments have impacted the timeline of our HBX Public Token Sale (PTS) and we need to move the start date from July 20 to November 10, 2018. We’ve always been committed to getting Hyberbridge right. Our core values are 100% commitment to our token holders and users, and to create cool, innovative technology that empowers people and makes a positive contribution to the decentralization movement.

We think this short delay is going to be better for the Hyperbridge community in the long run. Here’s why:

First, we are excited to announce that we have just closed a round of private seed financing. This will enable us to continue working hard to make the project even better prior to the HBX token sale. Along with an injection of money came strategically helpful advice from investors and our advisors, which has strengthened our capacity to execute a successful public token sale and build an enduring tech project

Second, we can commit more time to making sure we get compliance right. The legal and regulatory ground has been shifting in different countries. This creates a complex compliance process we’ve been working through with legal counsel and local regulatory agencies. We want to ensure, with a very high level of certainty, our PTS process meets all legal requirements. This better protects HBX and you, the Hyperbridge community.

Third, and most importantly, this funding enables us to drastically advance the development of our blockchain protocols & platform. For example, we will be making improvements in the functionality of the smart contracts and system security prior to the PTS, instead of afterwards. We can also level up during the next few months with a better developed and populated network and a more effective and expanded marketing strategy. We now have the capability and resources to build tech and create value that will contribute to a more successful PTS.

For details on how this impacts our development roadmap, please see our new roadmap page.

Thank you for your patience. The entire Hyperbridge team greatly appreciates your continued support!