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The modern era has been marked by the mass adoption of technological innovations, rearranging our relationship and depth of connectivity with information and each other. These advancements have constitutionally altered most industries, leading to the creation of entirely new economic sectors. But, as with any mass-scale change, these shifts have been rife with challenge, resistance, and a lack of comprehension.

The emergence of a breakthrough, highly disruptive and wide-spanning technology, such as blockchain, holds vast promise and potential, but confusion and challenge for individuals, businesses and institutions must be navigated. It is the role of entrepreneurs and innovators to ease this transition, to create systems and solutions which facilitate the acceptance and adoption of new technologies, creating applications that facilitate widespread access and understanding.

In rhyming with the past, the internal combustion engine and early automobile was at first a novelty, and then a highly destabilizing technology that posed a major threat to the status quo. A variety of wide-scale changes and innovative solutions were required to bring this technology to a place of general acceptance and adoption. Entrepreneurs and civic institutions had to construct bridges, build roads, secure fuel: all aspects of society and transportation as it was known had to be re-imagined to accommodate the power and potential of this new technology. An overwhelming and daunting prospect, the scale of which relied on a myriad of industries, immense manpower and innovation to bring forth and harness this burgeoning and revolutionary technology.

Decades later, vast broad scale change began to take place in the digital realm. With the mainstream release and use of the internet, people and institutions became connected like never before, and the transmission of data and communication was vastly enhanced. As with the engine, the promise of digital and network technology was apparent, but the uses too specific, and a lack of infrastructure and supporting industries and services prevented full-scale realization.

In general, with any advancement, there is a period of intake, destabilization, uptake, with eventual widespread implementation taking place once a conducive and supporting atmosphere has been established. At first, that which promises to improve our lives and provide convenience is clunky, plagued with inefficiencies, bugs and unforeseen limitations. Eventually, with the aid of supplementary industries (e.g. the internet being indexed and cataloged by Google) utilization of technology is made accessible to a broader audience.

It is possible to intellectually fathom the power and capacity present within a new technology, but realizing this potential is another matter, typically happening in a nonlinear and rather destabilizing manner. Whether on a personal or collective level, unifying solutions are required to facilitate the transition from exciting concept, to scaleable practicality.

Blockchain technology is our contemporary challenge, the present day’s combustion engine. A technology with immense promise and capacity for economy-wide reform. By taking traditional, centralized databases, with their inherent inefficiencies, blockchain will replace them with distributed databases that introduce new levels of trust, transparency and immutability of data.

For the general mass and broad economy, blockchain remains an obscure and misunderstood concept; a niche investment and programming arena for those with specialized and advanced knowledge. Blockchain UX/UI needs to be greatly improved before we see mass adoption. Currently there is an abundance of innovative and supportive technology being built that will impact the blockchain. Strides to broader adoption are being made, but there remains a lack of cohesion and unity within the space. The vast capacity and power of blockchain needs enhanced infrastructure. The time is now for innovators and entrepreneurs to form together, to continue and further the building and integration of blockchain, to construct the roads and supply the resources necessary for the general public to reap the benefits and potential of this breakthrough technology.

Hyperbridge Technology is poised to be this very technology: the coherence amidst the confusion and disorder, a UI software designed to integrate various facets of the blockchain. At present, pioneering solutions are being created on the blockchain, designed to ameliorate and eventually reform the current deficiencies of information systems: banking, monetary transactions, digital identity, gaming, data, research and beyond. Hyperbridge will help users access and integrate currently available blockchain solutions, and will create an environment where developers remain free to develop and present future application and solutions.

Please access our white paper for a detailed breakdown of our current trajectory and future plans.