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MoeJu — Hyperbridge Partnership

We are excited to announce our recent partnership with Shanghai based MoeJu Game Studios.

Hyperbridge will be working with MoeJu games to help develop and integrate their premier-blockchain based game, Summoner & Succuba, in to Blockhub: our digital distribution platform and marketplace.

Summoner & Succuba is slated to be “the first blockchain-based casual and competitive game in the world, which is a strategy game using playing cards as the core gameplay.” —[ Whitepaper]( And Succuba WP.pdf)

Both teams have bold visions for the future and we are excited to be working together.

Having partnered with a firm that is also committed to advancing blockchain and decentralized technology is a great honor, and it will be exciting to witness how blockchain and distributed technologies will be able to further shift and evolve the realm of gaming.