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Hyperbridge Connect #2

Hyperbridge Connect #2

June 1, 2018

Dear Hyperbridge Community,

Spring has sprung, and as summer approaches we wanted to take a moment to say hello and update you on the progress that we have made in the last number of months.

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2018, So Far

Empower creators by building better economies…

So far it has been a year of expansion, development, and focus. Recently we refined our vision: to empower creators. Now we think of a creator as anyone who wants to produce and distribute creative content, whether that be a video game, music, art, or the like. Our first focus will center around game development. We will provide the tools, platform, and community that small and medium-sized developers require to thrive and compete within their rapidly growing and increasingly competitive environment.

To accomplish this, we are focused on developing BlockHub, our UI and digital management/publishing platform. BlockHub will be the environment and set of tools that will empower small-medium sized gaming developers and studios to fund, launch, market, and monetize their games. Users will be able to access new titles within the gaming industry, develop community, and support the developers and projects that they are aligned with.

The beta launch of BlockHub is scheduled for July 20, 2018.

A Screenshot from the Blockhub Platform — Beta Launch: July 2018

BlockHub Crowdfunding & Voting

One of the core functions of Blockhub we are most excited about is our crowdfunding protocol, which will enable developers and studios to crowdfund and launch their games and projects. Developers will have the option to submit a fundraising application in order to raise money for their applications or projects by setting up a smart contract that stipulates a specific development trajectory in exchange for contributions to the project from the larger community. All of the money raised will be held in tranches until specific development goals are reached.

BlockHub crowdfunding will function similarly to that of established crowdfunding platforms; however, by decentralizing the process and implementing smart contracts, processing fees, third party rules, and friction will be greatly reduced, if not eliminated.

Our mandate is to empower creators, and through blockchain technology we are building decentralized protocols and an easy-to-use digital distribution platform to do just that.

What’s new?

Whitepaper: we have worked tirelessly to define and refine a new whitepaper which encapsulates our present trajectory and future vision. It can be found here.

Website: you may have noticed our website has undergone quite a makeover. We owe that to Lucas our lead designer, and the rest of the web team. Hopefully you find it more useful and user-friendly in serving you information about how Hyperbridge is contributing to blockchain technology and the movement towards decentralization. Check it out here.

People: most importantly, we have added some phenomenal talent to our team since the last newsletter:

Lucas Simoes joined us in February as our lead graphic designer, Lucas has been instrumental in developing our visual identity and brand.

Edmund Ng joined Hyperbridge in March as our community manager. Edmund is well-versed in all things community management, having come from the Dfinity team, and we are lucky to have him on board.

Jordan Brooks is a CompSci co-op student from UBC who recently started with us, and will be helping the development team to build BlockHub. Jordan is multi-dimensional, exceptionally bright and a fast-learner, skills that we are putting to use in the development of our smart contracts and decentralized protocols.

Advisor Update

We are fortunate to announce the addition of our newest advisor:

Rob Dawson is an executive with over 20 years of global experience in business leadership, strategic marketing, consulting, technology, crowdsourcing, innovation and communications. Through a deep understanding of consumer insights and market dynamics, Rob has developed and delivered compelling business strategies for both Fortune 500 and growing enterprises.

Throughout his career Rob has worked with and developed relationships with world-class clientele such as: Intel, Dell, LG Electronics, Microsoft, Expedia, HSBC, LEGO, and VELCRO® Brand, amongst others.

Rob is a frequent speaker at global marketing and innovation events; was President of AIM, the Association of Integrated Marketers (2011–15); and is a member of the Digital Strategy Conference Advisory Board. In 2006 Rob was recognized as one of BC’s “Top 40 Under 40”.

We look forward to working with Rob, he is a seasoned marketing professional and we are grateful for his support of our project. Rob rounds out our advisory team, providing the marketing and business acumen necessary for our next stage of development and forthcoming launch.


We are moving through the final stages of Liberty, in to Voyager. Our technical and business model has been refined, we have developed a specific use case for our technology, have continued to develop partnerships, and are building upon our core team.

✔️ Prelude — Initial groundwork on the road to** liberty** and freedom. It’s the bare bones prototype that allows developers to learn, experiment, and build.

Liberty — Development of team, marketing strategy, and user adoption model. Beta testing and community development.

Voyager — Exploration, and building upon use cases. Partnerships. Build adoption among blockchain solutions.

Crusade — A focus reforming standardization across blockchains

Fusion — Enterprise level integrations. Build adoption through existing solutions.

Harmony — Complete interoperability with the biggest market players. Reach mass-adoption.

Liberty Milestone, In Progress

The last four months have primarily consisted of:

  • Focusing on Indie Gaming as our first use case * Development of Crowdfunding Smart Contracts * Development of the BlockHub UI * BlockHub desktop client improvements * BlockHub web client creation * Building of our core team * Build and launch of new website * Expansion of our advisory team * Community Development * Whitepaper improvements


Find us on Github, where you can find the application framework, as well as the development of our extensions and protocols. There’s a lot of work to do, but we are moving forward at a good pace.

New Blog Posts

Check them out here:

Marketing Partnership

As of May 1, 2018 we have initiated our partnership with MLG, blockchain consultancy and development services. MLG will primarily be involved in managing our PR, developing our community, and establishing a presence during the lead up to ICO.

Partnership & Strategic Alignment with:

On April 16th, 2018 we made an agreement with MoeJu Game Studios of Shanghai China to connect our digital asset & app marketplace to the players of their up-and-coming game Summoner & Succuba. MoeJu is a twenty-five person team with a track record of delivering high quality mobile games, now focused on building their own blockchain-based games.

Partnership aims include:

  • Integrate Summoner & Succuba in to the BlockHub platform
  • establish a transparent and impartial general ledger for the economic system of the game
  • Create clear, defined software development kits (SDKs) that will enable the establishment of internal, in-game, economies by our development teams
  • kenization — creating and launching token models for games that require or could benefit from an in-game token model

More information about MoeJu Development Studios and the “Summoner and Succuba” whitepaper can be found on their website:

Past Events

Co-founder, Eric Muyser, presented at the 2018 BLOCKCHAIN & FINTECH Forum, hosted by Times Media. It was a a great opportunity to meet and engage with some of the blockchain talent and decentralized projects taking place within the local community.

What is coming up


Upcoming Events

On Thursday, June 7, 2018 we will be doing a short presentation at the upcoming TenX Ventures Business Blockchain Event. With a phenomenal line-up of featured speakers it is slated to be an exciting and informative event:

The Hyperbridge team will be attending the upcoming Blockchain NW conference taking place in Seattle on Tuesday June 5, 2018. We are excited to meet and converse with the some of the great minds in Blockchain from the Pacific Northwest and abroad.


If you like what Hyperbridge stands for and would like to learn more about openings and opportunities within the company, please reach out to us.

About Hyperbridge

Hyperbridge Technology Inc. ÖU was founded to facilitate innovation and empowerment. By providing tools that allow creators to easily deploy blockchain-enabled projects.

Long term we seek to take the Internet to the next stage of decentralization and inclusivity by equipping people to contribute to innovation by providing the tools they need to utilize blockchain technology. Hyperbridge is removing the barriers that stand in the way of great ideas reaching the people who’ll use them.