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Hyperbridge Connect #1

Welcome to Hyperbridge Connect, a status update and report on the developments within the Hyperbridge ecosystem. We hope you’re having a Merry Christmas!

Hyperbridge Connect is maintained by Hyperbridge Development Team. Please send feedback to, or to
@hyperbridge on Twitter.

The Beginning

After many years of closely following the blockchain space, we founded Hyperbridge to address the persistent, ever-louder question,

“When will the blockchain space solve scalability, interoperability and deliver a user-friendly experience to both established users and those looking for a convenient gateway into blockchain?”

Observing the lack of usable products in the space and the ineffectiveness of solutions being proposed, we concluded that a lightweight, user-centric management platform would be the simplest and most elegant solution. And so, we took to the task of building a list of difficulties and deficiencies faced by users who access the blockchain in its current state, and looked to the future difficulties users would face given the solutions in development. We concluded that while the blockchain space is still evolving, there is a more immediate need for a user-friendly gateway. From here, we began developing Hyperbridge to merge the best of existing technology, with the most promising blockchain technologies currently in development.

The team behind the dream is comprised of blockchain enthusiasts with varying backgrounds — spanning technology, finance and academia — bound by a common belief in the disruptive and humanity-enhancing potential of the blockchain.


A blockchain-enabled future won’t happen overnight. As an industry, proliferation and adoption will require lots of development and cooperation. We are well-positioned to assist with the transition. Here’s a high level view of our vision for the future milestones of Hyperbridge.

Prelude — Initial groundwork on the road to** liberty** and freedom. It’s the bare bones prototype that allows developers to learn, experiment, and build.

Liberty — First tangible product with valuable use cases.

Voyager — Exploration, and knocking out use cases. Partnerships. Build adoption among blockchain solutions.

Crusade — Serious effort put into reforming standardization across blockchains. Republic driven ecosystem.

Fusion — When big corporations take notice and look to integrate on an enterprise level. Build adoption through existing solutions.

Harmony — Complete interoperability with the biggest market players. Reach worldwide mass adoption.

Prelude Milestone, Completed ✔

A lot of work went into achieving our first milestone, Prelude.

  • Conception of idea
  • Formation of the founding team
  • First proof-of-concept
  • Company incorporation
  • Expanding the team
  • Website development and launch
  • Establishing our social media presence
  • Publishing and revising our whitepaper
  • Finding the right advisors

Check out our website for early alpha screenshots of the desktop application. Network Access Tokens are core to the ecosystem, and so we started with implementing Ethereum wallet support. We are looking to expand that to more blockchains as we get further into feature development. Some ideas we have in mind so far are NEO and EOS, but we’re open to your suggestions!

Upwards and onwards to Liberty!

Hyperbridge Wallet Screen

New Blog Posts

Check these out if you haven’t already:

We will be starting a new blog series, entitled “Reenvisioning Data”. In this series we will expand upon the vision of users becoming blockchain-enabled and regaining control of their data. Establishing control and management over personal data is one of our core aims, thus security, privacy, and individual control will remain integral to every stage of our development.

Explaining our role

We received many questions about Hyperbridge being a blockchain or not. The answer is yes, and it’s called the Dataforce blockchain, which provides a built-in data exchange into the platform, not an interoperable blockchain, as we are building primarily a blockchain ecosystem. We seek to deliver the best frontend experience for arising blockchain solutions out there, and in order to be the best we need to focus our intent. As such, in order to avoid re-investing the wheel, we are supporting Ethereum AND forking the Ethereum blockchain. There’s a lot of additional computer science theory that has to be sorted over the next few years in order to deliver a truly scalable blockchain. As those happen, we want to be there with you, ready with the best platform to support the best blockchains. The desktop platform is called **Blockhub. **By creating this as an extension-managed wallet application, we’re enabling a platform where developers can provide solutions that access across all the blockchains. In that way, Blockhub does not need for an intermediary blockchain, as the user’s transactions are distributed across multiple blockchains at the maximum speed available from them. We had considered creating an interoperable blockchain, but rather than introducing another point of failure, we prefer blockchains built directly into the platform, as a blockchain aggregating multiple blockchains will only further worsen scalability issues. With blockchains built directly into Blockhub, you are at the center and have no additional latency or fees associated with interoperability sending transactions across multiple blockchains.


During the Prelude milestone we laid a lot of groundwork. Our team is setup on
Github, where you can find the application framework , as well as the beginnings of our extensions and protocols. There’s a lot of work as we move towards the Liberty milestone, but it’s looking like a promising start already!


We are pleased to announce the first members of our advising team:

John King Burns Managing Director at Neur Sciences. Former Managing Director/Global Head of Structure Derivative Finance at Barclays Metals/Barclays Bank PLC. Contributing creator of the Thing Model and Language (Integrated Programming and Data).

In addition to a business background, operating at the executive level of many publicly traded companies, John King Burns is a technologist and brings to the team a wealth of technical and business knowledge with regard to the blockchain space.

Clive Boulton Community Lead at Hyperledger. Former Sr Principal Research Engineer at Exact. Organizer of Google Developer Group Seattle and Member of the Linux Foundation.

Clive brings tremendous technical experience to the table, and a passion for data transmission and security (something very important to us at Hyperbridge). You can learn more about Clive on his federated wiki .


No partnerships have been established as of yet, but we are in talks with some promising dApps.


We’ve just gotten started but it’s a strong start. We’ve had some really good engagement on Twitter and LinkedIn. And we only just started on Reddit, Discord, Telegram, Facebook, and BitcoinTalk Forum as well.


It’s been a wild quarter from the inception of the idea to a full fledged team in 4 time zones working around the clock to bring this idea to life. We finished our proof-of-concept and began working on building a production-ready application. We launched our website to communicate our vision and progress with our community. We are committed to a blockchain-enabled future, and we have a long way to go in building out our vision, but we’re ready for the challenge. Stay tuned. We hope you’re as excited as we are to see where the Hyperbridge takes us!